Nurture Nature-friendliness as Second Nature

From inception, Neochem has a very special collaboration with the Environment. The company lays special emphasis on preserving natural resources, and all its products and processes are in sync with this guideline. Its corporate culture orients its people with genuine care for the environment.

Some highlights of is thought line and way of life are:
  • Ensure maximum operative safety for its people.
  • Produce safe (GOTS-compliant) products that improve the quality of life.
  • Practice safe, environment-friendly disposal of waste.
  • Save natural & industrial resources through optimal process efficiency.
  • Minimize pollution through air pollution control devices.
  • Use only biodegradable products in everyday activities.
  • Upgrade employee skills through periodic training and keep them abreast of the newest paradigms & practices.
  • Recycle water and use it wisely, helping in conservation.
  • Conduct awareness programmes in natural resource conservation and environment preservation, exposing personnel to the emergent trends and techniques.
  • Promote respect for the environment, learn to live in sync with the forces of nature, and conduct business and prosper in an earth-friendly, future-wise manner.